Welcome to Clear Spoken English

I am a voice and speech coach, offering accent reduction training and elocution lessons face to face in London and by Skype to clients all over the world!

Voice, speech and accent training is for anyone looking to make the most of their spoken voice.  My clients are a mix of native and non-native speakers of English from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

As a non-native speaker of English, perhaps you would like to improve your English pronunciation, to feel confident that you are expressing yourself clearly the first time, every time, with no need for repetition.  My accent reduction training will help you target the sounds and aspects of your speech which might be affecting your clarity in English.  You’ll gain lots of awareness, much more choice and – with a little bit of practice – much clearer spoken English, ultimately enjoying much smoother interactions in the workplace and in everyday life.

However, perhaps as a non-native speaker, your spoken English is already perfectly clear and nobody ever asks you to repeat yourself.  Instead, you may simply like to have more choice in your English pronunciation so that people focus on your words, not how you pronounce them.  Sometimes this is known as accent reduction or accent softening.  Many of my clients say they are tired of being asked where they are from after speaking only a few sentences, therefore would like the choice of making their speech ‘blend in’ a little bit more, ultimately saving time and getting to the point of the message!  For those living in London – or indeed elsewhere  – it may be a case of acquiring a British accent as closely as possible, so that you can switch it on when you want.  In this case, I would guide you through the small physical changes which can make a big difference, and you’ll then be able to choose to show off your new accent whenever you wish!

As a native speaker of English, voice training can help you enhance the clarity of your speech, gain more overall vocal confidence or even modify your accent.  Some of my clients feel – or may even have received feedback – that in presentations, meetings or calls they ‘mumble’, ‘speak too fast’ or ‘run out of breath’.  These very common habits are generally connected to breath and body use, and a few simple tailored exercises can help clients gain a more measured speaking pace with more gravitas, ultimately creating more impact.  For a variety of personal and professional reasons, some native English speakers would like to be able to modify a regional accent, sometimes to blend in, sometimes for clarity, and sometimes just for fun and personal challenge!

To find out more about how my training can help you in any of these areas, please contact me today for an informal chat or to set up an introductory session.

I look forward to meeting you and your voice!