Unlock the potential of your spoken voice

Individual voice training is designed to help you find your own, free, strong, reliable voice – a voice which does your words justice and delivers your message with gravitas.

Do you feel you aren’t using your voice to its full capacity?

Do you ever feel short of breath when you have to speak in public?

Does your voice get tired or strained when you’ve been talking for a long time or in noisy environments?

Do you simply want to be heard effortlessly by those at the back of the room?

Would you like your voice to sound more ‘interesting’?

Would you like to feel confident that you’re speaking clearly?

Would you like your voice to flow more easily?

We are not talking heads, we are ‘talking bodies’!

In the training, we look at how the voice interacts with the whole body and the breath: these play a crucial role in how our voice and message come across. In a session, you will discover your own personal vocal habits and address them through practical exercises.  You will have a toolbox and more vocal choice to harness your full vocal potential. Your voice will start to flow more freely, leading to greater ease, confidence and impact in professional and personal communication.

What do people say?

As a university lecturer who is also often invited to speak at conferences and events, I sometimes felt that my accent and pronunciation meant that audiences found it difficult to understand me. Sonya quickly identified what was needed and set about helping me to put it right. I now feel much more confident, and people have no trouble understanding me. Sonya is a superb teacher and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking to improve their spoken English.

Svetlana native Russian speaker