Voice Training

Do you ever feel that you aren’t quite using your spoken voice to its full capacity?  Perhaps you feel short of breath when you have to speak in public.  Maybe you feel that your voice gets tired or even a bit strained when you’ve been talking for a long time, or that you can’t comfortably project your voice to the back of the room when giving a presentation? Maybe you just want to feel more ‘heard’ when you speak. You would like your voice to feel stronger and easier.

In voice training, we look at how the voice interacts with the whole body.  The posture and breath have immense effects on how our voices feel to us and sound to others. Training with me, you will discover your own personal vocal habits and address them through practical exercises.  Working on how you stand, move and breathe will allow your voice to flow more freely, leading to greater ease, confidence and impact in professional and personal communication.