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Superb teacher

As a university lecturer who is also often invited to speak at conferences and events, I sometimes felt that my accent and pronunciation meant that audiences found it difficult to understand me. Sonya quickly identified what was needed and set about helping me to put it right. I now feel much more confident, and people have no trouble understanding me. Sonya is a superb teacher and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking to improve their spoken English.

Svetlana native Russian speaker

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I would highly recommend her

Being Spanish my accent is quite strong. Sonya is an excellent teacher, very experienced with different accent backgrounds so she customised my learning program to my specific needs, as she knows what sounds specifically are more challenging for me. She explains very clearly how to pronounce the sounds in RP English. She is also very good at giving practice exercises which are relevant for my professional life. Having lived in the UK for many years, with her help I am learning how to express myself more clearly and make sure native speakers understand me which is very important also to build up my confidence to speak in larger audiences. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Aranzazu Sardina native Spanish speaker

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Very effective exercises

So far I haven't stopped practicing, as regularly as possible, the pronunciation exercises Sonya gave me a few months ago. Why? Just because they are very effective! Especially when practiced every day, no more than 5-10 minutes. It really helped me for my songs. Besides, Sonya is a very professional, thorough and generous teacher so it's been a real pleasure to work with her during those 2 months. When I'll come back to London I'll definitely call her to continue the work we've started.

Mademoiselle K Songwriter, native French speaker

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Very professional and enjoyable lessons

Thank you for very professional and enjoyable lessons. Sonya Ross is an excellent teacher. Highly recommended.

B.G.R. SW1 native English speaker

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Very patient and excellent at explaining

Sonya is a really good teacher, very patient and excellent at explaining everything. Her knowledge on pronunciation and voice coaching is very impressive and she implements effective techniques and exercises into her teachings. I enjoyed my lessons and highly recommend her.

Sofia L native Portuguese speaker

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Genuinely enjoyable

I asked Sonya to help develop my quiet, mumbly and unarticulated voice as my role at work was involving communication and public speaking much more. The classes were genuinely enjoyable and I learned a great number of techniques which have not only improved my clarity but also my overall confidence.

Peter Bailey native English speaker

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Very pleased with the results

Initially I had some troubles with my accent as it was very strong but with Sonya's help I not only improved it but also built up my confidence to talk to other people and make myself clearer and more easily understood through the exercises, techniques and tips Sonya taught me. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her.

Luisa Ruiz native Spanish speaker

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Fast and permanent results

Sonya is a very experienced elocution trainer and she deploys rather innovative techniques to make students understand and learn by their pronunciation errors. She is very methodical, patient and at the same time persistent and her broader European languages and cultural skills enable her to be a very understanding and effective coach. I strongly recommend Sonya for fast and permanent results.

Dio Psyllas native Greek speaker

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Excellent teacher and great professional

I have been working with Sonya for over 4 years now and she has significantly refined my English, both writing and speaking. The improvements made have helped me to build up strong self-confidence and significantly supported my career development. I am Italian by background and I run a successful PR and IR company working with English companies. When I met Sonya my English was just ok, now it is excellent. Her ability to identify my weaknesses as well as understanding my specific needs helped me to get to results I would never imagine. My family even said my Italian accent completely changed and some people who met me at university were impressed. I strongly recommend Sonya to anyone who wants real results.


Stefania Barbaglio Public and Investor Relations Director, native Italian speaker

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Her lessons are of great value

Over the last two years I have been working with Sonya. She is a fantastic teacher and her lessons are of great value! I learned about the correct pronounciation of the individual letters in different contexts for the first time. This Knowledge has really helped me to improve my pronounciation, which in turn has led to more confidence in speaking English.


Feyko German speaker