Group Courses


A new accent reduction course starting in central London in October

  • Do you ever feel you waste time by having to repeat yourself?
  • Are you tired of people asking or trying to guess where you are from?
  • Would you like people to listen to your words first and your accent second?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, then this course is for you!  This introductory accent reduction course is designed to help you achieve clearer, more accurate English pronunciation. You will learn:

  • accurate jaw, tongue and lip positions for key English vowels and consonants
  • crucial aspects of stress/rhythm
  • solid techniques for overall speech clarity

Course outcomes

  • clearer, more accurate English pronunciation
  • ability to identify and correct your own pronunciation errors
  • saved time and smoother interactions in work and everyday life!

Tuesday 10th October 6.30 – 8.30pm

every Tues for 6 weeks

Central London location

Only 3 mins from Russell Square Tube (address provided on booking)

Small group

Maximum 6 people for a focused, supportive environment with individual attention; essential for this type of work.


This is an introductory accent reduction course for those who already speak English at an advanced level.  It’s ideal for you if you already feel confident in your use of English language and want to focus on pronunciation only.


Brand-new updated bespoke materials including comprehensive class worksheets for all learning points, along with audio and video support material for independent practice.


Sonya Ross is a qualified voice coach with 11 years’ experience in the field.

See what previous clients have said about her training.


£250 per participant: includes 12 hours’ small group tuition (6 x 2 hours) and full materials as described above.

£50 deposit is required to secure your place, with full fees payable by 03/10/17 (7 days before the course starts).

Next step

Contact Sonya on 07818448940 or for more information or to book your place now!