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  • How voice training can save you time A popular ethos in most areas of life is to let things flow, improvise, be natural. We associate such an approach with authenticity, something hugely desirable in speech, and indeed, personality. After all, who wants to deal with people who are trying to be something they’re not?
  • Accent Reduction: A Misunderstood Term Accent Reduction: A Misunderstood Term

What do people say?

As a university lecturer who is also often invited to speak at conferences and events, I sometimes felt that my accent and pronunciation meant that audiences found it difficult to understand me. Sonya quickly identified what was needed and set about helping me to put it right. I now feel much more confident, and people have no trouble understanding me. Sonya is a superb teacher and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking to improve their spoken English.

Svetlana native Russian speaker