Non-native Speakers of English

Learn the vowels, consonants and rhythms of English to unlock the clarity of your English speech.  In individual Accent Reduction sessions, you will learn the precise mouth positions and movements to produce English sounds clearly and accurately.

We focus only on the sounds *you* need to work on, so you can see quick change and noticeable, lasting results.

Clients report increased confidence in speaking English as well as smoother interactions in the workplace and everyday life.

Sessions are supplemented by clear, comprehensive practice materials, audio and video.


Native Speakers of English

If English is your first language and you would like to explore different accent choices, we can certainly do this!

Contact Sonya to discuss how accent training can help you.


For American English accents, I recommend Kara Tsiaperas at

What do people say?

As a university lecturer who is also often invited to speak at conferences and events, I sometimes felt that my accent and pronunciation meant that audiences found it difficult to understand me. Sonya quickly identified what was needed and set about helping me to put it right. I now feel much more confident, and people have no trouble understanding me. Sonya is a superb teacher and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking to improve their spoken English.

Svetlana native Russian speaker